Research, analysis, training & dialogue facilitation for conflict transformation. Former Soviet Union & beyond.

Indie Peace — Independent Peace Associates

We are a conflict transformation organisation specialising in research, analysis, training and facilitation of dialogue to build confidence between communities affected by conflict.

Our geographic expertise is mainly in the former Soviet Union and neighbouring regions, and our principle is to work inclusively of all communities and across the multiple conflict-divides in the region.

Our Approach

  • We offer a transformational peacebuilding model that aims to build intellectual and emotional capital for peaceful social change. We believe that transformation on an individual level can influence change on the social and political levels.
  • Our analysis acknowledges the role of perceptions, emotions and human subjectivity. Our interventions foster greater reflectiveness and critical thinking.
  • We believe that only by understanding all dimensions of a conflict – i.e. its psychological, social, political, economic, ethnic, historical, gendered, cultural and other roots – can we develop a conflict-sensitive vision, a strategy to build sustainable peace.

Analysis of 30+ years of working with conflict in the Georgian-Abkhaz-South Ossetian contexts

Our clients and donors

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